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BlizeTec Fillet Knife: Portable Boning, Scaling and Fishing Knives with Shealth (3 Pcs)


BlizeTec BT959FK Fillet boning knife is a durable and solidly built multipurpose fish knife made of 420 stainless steel PLUS titanium coating. This robust portable fish knife set was field-tested by our knife experts, ensuring that it can stand up to any rugged, harsh environment and offer high performance under a variety of outdoor circumstances. You may own a couple of fishing knives, but nothing is as good as this one.

Main Features & Advantages

BlizeTec Fillet Knives

BlizeTec Fillet Knives

* Sturdy titanium coated blade with slipless polypropylene and thermoplastic handle* Portable with 3 various blades to choose from according to your preference.
* Longest blade is for bone removal; Medium length blade is for fish slicing; Shorter serrated knife blade is for small bone and scale removal.
* Blade measurement and specification: Small: 6.18″x0.98″x0.06″ (Weight: 0.81oz); Middle: 7.38″x0.98″x0.06″ (Weight: 0.91oz); Large: 9.44″x0.98″x0.06″ (Weight: 1.12oz)
* Handle: 7.48″x1.77″x0.90″ (Weight: 4.05oz)
* Compact design and belt friendly pouch.

Invest in Quality with a Trusted Knife Set

Forget about acquiring another cheap fish knife yet can’t meet your expectation, BT959FK is compact, heavy duties yet easy to use. With a mouse of a click, you can confidently cut through any fish with this premium knife right at your fingertips. BlizeTec versatile fillet boning knife carries a lifetime warranty to be free from any defection in material or workmanship. You can confidently invest in a trusted BlizeTec knife that will last for a lifetime.

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BlizeTec Spreader and Butter Knife Set (4 Pcs)


Are you looking for a multipurpose spreader set to entertain your guests and families? Then look no further, BlizeTec spreader knives are ideal for breakfast and beyond. These knives are well built and great for spreading soft cheese, jams, jellies, peanut butter and other toppings. The sharp edge on the blade is ideal for dessert and muffin cutting.

BlizeTec Spreader Knife Set

BlizeTec Spreader Knife Set

Key Features and Advantages

* Handle and laser cut blade is constructed with 420 stainless steel for durability and longevity
* Ergonomic with slightly curved and secure handle
* Ideal for formal luncheons and informal meal preparation
* Sleek design, unconventional yet perform like a charm
* 100% hassle free and back by a lifetime warranty

Invest in Quality and Impress Your Guests

Forget about buying another set of cheap spreader knife, BT396SK is handy, compact, easy to use yet multipurpose. BlizeTec spreader set made a perfect gift for your loved ones, friends and families. You can confidently count on it as the product comes with BlizeTec uncompromised lifetime warranty to the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.


BlizeTec Poultry Shears: Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors


Sleek, ultra durable and elegantly design with BlizeTec precision cutting technology, this high quality rush resistant stainless steel multipurpose shears can handle any kitchen work at ease. BlizeTec one hand operated scissor (BT955KS) is ideal for trimming and cutting poultry yet practical for vegetable, herbs and seafood handling.

BlizeTec Poultry Shears

BlizeTec Poultry Shears

Overall Features & Benefits

* Made of quality anti-corrosion 2Cr13 stainless steel
* One hand operated with build in precision cutting technology
* Secure handle with no risk of breaking apart
* Build-in safety lock prevent scissor from opening after use
* Multipurpose: Can be used on poultry, vegetable, seafood and any kitchen related cutting jobs

BlizeTec’s Kitchen Shears Advantage: Cutting Makes Easy

This is not your original scissor. BlizeTec kitchen shears are built with quality material. You can confidently handle any tough cutting jobs in the kitchen. The sharp edge scissor blades can safely cut through just about anything you’ll encounter in any food preparation stage. The scissors are comfortable to use and also provide a clean cut feeling during meat trimming and vegetable cutting process.

Invest in Quality and Handle Your Meal Preparation Effortless

Forget about acquiring another cheap kitchen scissor yet can’t meet your expectation, BT955KS is compact, heavy duties yet easy to use. In less than 60 seconds, you too can cut through herbs, meats and bones easily with this premium kitchen tool right at your fingertips.

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Wine Aerator Pourer: BlizeTec 2-in-1 Aerating Pourer with Decanter Spout

BlizeTec Wine Aerator Pourer: Great WINE Deserves the Best Tool

Are you tired of aerating and decanting your wine to reach its full potential, then BlizeTec 2-in-1 premium wine aerator pourer is a MUST HAVE for your wine drinking experience. Compact, sleek design yet practical, BT397WA aerator pourer is field tested countless time by our wine experts. The product is built in with an advanced 3 thin air holes to accelerate wine breath and decanting to the perfect aroma. The BPA free rubber stopper is leak proof and allow one to pour wine elegantly with its 150 degree acrylic pour spout to nurture the best texture.

BlizeTec 2-in-1 Wine Aerator Pourer

BlizeTec 2-in-1 Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine drinking is fun PROVIDED you have the right tool. You may own or try a few wine pourers or aerators, but we are confident that nothing comes closer to the BlizeTec premium 2-in-1 wine aerator.

Major Features & Advantages

* Sturdy long nose acrylic spout with built in flow regulator with 3 air holes for oxygen intake.
* Portable air tube GUARANTEE to enhance your wine aroma and texture
* Drip FREE, leak proof and leave no mess on your wine bottle
* Unique mouthful pourer for wine dripping & taste preservation
* Small, detachable and easy to bring around

ACT NOW and ENJOY the Art of Wine Tasting in the Comfort of Your Home

– With a mouse click away, you too can experience fine wine aroma with BlizeTec premium wine aerator
– Take advantage of this best voted wine accessory while stock is limited
– Invest in quality and 100% backed by BlizeTec Lifetime Warranty

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BlizeTec Cheese Knives: 4 pcs Cheese Slicer & Cutter Set


BlizeTec 4 pcs cheese knife set is specially designed for cheese enthusiast. Made of 420 stainless steels and design to cut and slice your cheese to perfection. The authentic design makes this cheese tool BT387CK an ideal gift for cheese lovers. It is also a nice addition to your cutlery & knife accessories.

BlizeTec Cheese Knives

BlizeTec Classic 4pcs Cheese Knives

Key Features and Benefits

* Specially Cheese tools for those who loves cheese
* Sturdy stainless steel blade and handle
* 3 different knives with 1 fork to handle different types of cheese
* 100% hassle free & back by a lifetime warranty

The ONLY Cheese Knive Set You Need!

With BlizeTec cheese knives, you can handle all types of cheese with ease, from cheddar to aged parmesan cheese. Engineered by BlizeTec kitchen knife experts, each piece of knife is designed to handle various types of cheese. The pointed blade is for breaking hard cheese, the long narrow knife is for semihard cheese, and the wide blade is for crumbly soft cheese. The cheese fork is for cheese holding while cutting block of cheese. Regardless you are cutting or slicing cheese, you will find that BT387CK is your best companion. The product comes with BlizeTec uncompromised lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defect. Don’t wait, invest in this quality cheese knife set for a lifetime.