BlizeTec Advanced NO MESS Salt & Pepper Mill with Adjustable Grind

Voted Best NO MESS Salt/Pepper Mill, Backed by Our Lifetime Warranty

You deserve to know the whole truth about our BlizeTec NO MESS Salt & Pepper Mill. So, at the risk of sounding immodest, we have to let you know that this little beauty is going to make you look smart at the dinner table.

You’ll save cost because you can purchase two separate mills with our exclusive discount code on amazon, replace inferior mills when they stop working or buy those little disposable mills over and over again. And how can you not look elegant at the dinner table, as you casually dispense freshly-ground salt and pepper with no spill over effect? If there’s any doubt, just let you friends know that you snagged a lifetime warranty, too. Because that’s just how you roll.

Quality Materials & Construction

BlizeTec NO MESS Salt/Pepper Grinder

BlizeTec NO MESS Salt/Pepper Grinder

What makes this Salt & Pepper Mill so great? As you can see, it features an elegant, modern design. It’s constructed of high grade stainless steel with a brushed finish that gives you a better grip and minimizes the appearance of fingerprints. The clear acrylic spice windows let you easily see how much salt and pepper is in the mill. The grinding mechanism is made from ceramic, the preferred material for superior spice mills. That’s because, unlike mills with plastic mechanisms that wear out, or metal ones that rust, our ceramic grinding mechanism is built to last.

A Must-Have for Kitchen Enthusiasts … And Lovers of Tasty Food!

If you enjoy fine dining and like your meals to taste good, you really can’t go wrong seasoning it with a little salt and pepper from our top-of-the-line advanced NO MESS salt/pepper grinder. Plus, it’s adjustable, so you can easily switch between fine and coarse grind. Most of the time, you’ll want to use a coarse grind while cooking and a fine grind at the table.

It probably goes without saying at this point, but if you like to cook then you definitely need our mill.

You won’t find a better grinder set, adjustable model on the market, and fresh grinding your spices results in the best-tasting dishes.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The BlizeTec Salt & Pepper Mill with Adjustable Grind is a fantastic, “safe” gift to give for weddings, birthdays … any gift-giving occasion. And by “safe,” we mean that it’s one of those gifts that just about anyone can use. Men, women, young, old … chefs and novice cooks alike. Give these mills to teachers, as hostess gifts, and keep one wrapped and ready to go in your “emergency gift” stash. This isn’t one of those gadgets recipients will put away and never use, either. Instead, they’ll think of you every time they whip out this cool tool. Since it’s a kitchen basic, that’ll be just about every day.

Stats & Specs

– Dimensions: 7.32 inches(H)*2.48 inches(L)*2.48 inches(W). Weights 11.4 Oz.
– Advanced NO MESS grinding mechanism.
– Ergonomic design for both left and right handed individuals.
– 5 adjustable grinding system to control the level of sprinkling.
– 100% risk-free — backed by our lifetime warranty.

Join the Savvy Salt & Pepper Grinders Club

Thanks to the quality, lifetime warranty and great price, choosing the BlizeTec NO MESS Salt & Pepper Mill with Adjustable Grind is a no-brainer. Give it a try and be sure and come back to let us know much you like it — we love to hear from our loyal BlizeTec customers!

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