BlizeTec Poultry Shears: Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors


Sleek, ultra durable and elegantly design with BlizeTec precision cutting technology, this high quality rush resistant stainless steel multipurpose shears can handle any kitchen work at ease. BlizeTec one hand operated scissor (BT955KS) is ideal for trimming and cutting poultry yet practical for vegetable, herbs and seafood handling.

BlizeTec Poultry Shears

BlizeTec Poultry Shears

Overall Features & Benefits

* Made of quality anti-corrosion 2Cr13 stainless steel
* One hand operated with build in precision cutting technology
* Secure handle with no risk of breaking apart
* Build-in safety lock prevent scissor from opening after use
* Multipurpose: Can be used on poultry, vegetable, seafood and any kitchen related cutting jobs

BlizeTec’s Kitchen Shears Advantage: Cutting Makes Easy

This is not your original scissor. BlizeTec kitchen shears are built with quality material. You can confidently handle any tough cutting jobs in the kitchen. The sharp edge scissor blades can safely cut through just about anything you’ll encounter in any food preparation stage. The scissors are comfortable to use and also provide a clean cut feeling during meat trimming and vegetable cutting process.

Invest in Quality and Handle Your Meal Preparation Effortless

Forget about acquiring another cheap kitchen scissor yet can’t meet your expectation, BT955KS is compact, heavy duties yet easy to use. In less than 60 seconds, you too can cut through herbs, meats and bones easily with this premium kitchen tool right at your fingertips.

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