BlizeTec Survival All Purpose Water Filter Straw


When a natural disaster strikes, water is always an essential need above all elements. BlizeTec straw provides the solution to clean and safe drinking water regardless what environment you are at. Engineered by our and environmental experts, BT981WF is empowered by our BlizeTec advanced filter mechanism that guarantees to remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoal disease.

With BlizeTec straw, you can easily gain access to clean and safe drinking water 24/7 in the event of a catastrophe or circumstances.

Key Features and Advantages:

* SGS certified and reliable, portable and light to carry around.
* Hollow fiber UF membrane & Coconut activated carbon & Antibacterial Beads.
* Flexible usage – drink from a bottle or straight from the nearest stream, puddle, or pond.
* Safe and fast filtering process; Filter to 0.01 micron accuracy level.
* Flow rate of 550ml/min and filter capacity of 396 gallons(1500L).

Turn Contaminated Water into Safe Water

Now you can easily decontaminate dirty water to clean drinking water in less than a few seconds. Avoid the hassle of carrying another cumbersome hydration water pack, all you need is this small portable filter straw day in and day out. Best of all, BT981WF is backed by our lifetime warranty policy and we also warrant any defection in material or workmanship. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! If you are not happy with your purchase, contact us anytime for a no question ask refund. If you love the great outdoor, this s a MUST HAVE item to add to your bug out bag.

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