BlizeTec Titanium Folding Knife

A Versatile Non-Spring Assisted Survival Pocket Knife

Have you been looking for the perfect pocket knife companion that is very durable and can handle all your emergency needs? Not to worry, BlizeTec titanium folding pocket knife is here to handle all your needs in various ways.

A Solid Knife for Your Everyday Needs

The BlizeTec titanium pocket knife has multi-functional features which gets you out of any emergency situation, and as well, helps you effectively in your rescue and survival mission. This sturdy survival knife is the best companion you need either as a security personnel, first responder, adventurer, camper, or in any other unexpected situation.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Strong, sharp and durable blade: the knife comes with a sharp and durable 20 degree drop point blade. Unlike other emergency rescue knives, the BlizeTec titanium pocket knife provides you with very sturdy and sharp blade which ensures maximum and effective blade work and cutting in all your critical needs.
  • Non-spring assisted, safe yet multi-functional: one of the remarkable features of this titanium coated knife is its versatile usage. This non spring loaded multi-purpose knife is always handy for self-defense, disaster preparedness, diving, emergency vehicle escape, outdoor camping, trip and all other forms of surprised incident.
  • Ease of carriage: The elegantly designed pocket knife is a very light tool weighing 6.94oz. The knife can be folded back and return to closed position by slightly pressing on the liner lock. This further ensures the protection of the knife handler from blade cut when the knife is not in use. The compact design of the knife gives you the portability of carrying the knife both in the pouch and in the pocket. This makes the knife very handy and carriage-friendly.
  • Durable and resistant: Durability is one of the strongest features of the knife. BT981TK is made of #3cr14 stainless steel and coated with titanium ion carbide (TiC).

    There is Nothing like the BlizeTec Knife

    You may own other rescue or emergency knives, but none can be as effective as the BlizeTec titanium folding knife. It is sturdy, durable, has very sharp blade that can cut through anything; resistant, easy to carry, and most of all, it can be used in any emergency situation.

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