The BlizeTec Survival Pocket Knife

The Ultimate BlizeTec Tactical Rescue Knife: A Practical and Lifesaving 5 Function Survival Tool!

If you’re in the military, work in a first-responder profession, or are an outdoor enthusiast you’ve probably tried other multi-tools and knives, but if you’re reading this then you’re looking for a new one and we’re happy to share why ours is one of the best multi-purpose knives out there!

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BlizeTec Survival Knife

BlizeTec Ultimate Survival Knife

Unlike other multi-tools which often have small blades that are awkward to use precisely because of all the other handy gadgets contained within the tool, the BlizeTec Rescue Survival Pocket Knife is first and foremost an excellent knife with a strong and durable blade. It is also better than other rescue knives because housed in its elegantly designed handle are a super bright and easily detachable LED mini-flashlight and a magnesium alloy fire starter—two more tools than the standard three functions of most rescue knives.

With these extra tools, the BlizeTec Tactical Knife is a must-have tool for emergency preparedness, excellent for first-responders, military personnel, outdoor adventurers, and those who love taking road trips.

Major Features & Key Benefits

Overall Features of our Premium 5 in 1 Pocket-Sized Rescue & Survival Knife:

  • Quality Assurance: The drop-point blade with serrated saw is made from 420 grade stainless steel so it stays strong and sharp. The steel liner lock and the anodized aluminum handle secure the blade solidly in place for safe and steady cutting. These quality features ensure the durability of our knife which we back with a 100% RISK FREE Lifetime Warranty.
  • Versatility: The bright and compact—6.5mm diameter—LED flashlight shines on what you are cutting while held securely in place by its magnet and is also easy detached for separate use; it uses four LR621 button-style battery cells which provide it with a 12 hour battery life. Similarly, the detachable magnesium-alloy fire starter makes this knife perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, or any other outdoor activity.
  • Emergency Preparedness: In addition to the other features that could be life savers in any emergency in which you happen to find yourself, the combined window breaker and seatbelt cutter make this an excellent tool for extracting yourself or others from a damaged car after an accident.
  • Ease of Carry: The BlizeTec Rescue Knife is an amazingly light 5.46oz and designed to fit perfectly into your pocket and palm: when closed the whole unit is only 5 inches long; when open the blade is 3.5 inches and the entire knife including handle is 8.5 inches long. The strong steel clip keeps the knife securely in your pocket, or you can carry on your belt in its sturdy nylon pouch.

Your All in One Pocket Knife

If you’re shopping for yourself you can rest assured that the Limited Edition BlizeTec Survival Pocket Knife will see you through any rough or hazardous circumstance that comes your way, and if you’re looking for a quality gift for a loved one, the Limited Edition BlizeTec Pocket Knife comes in an attractive gift box with custom fit foam storage trays for the knife and the belt pouch which make this quality tool an excellent and easy gift choice for the military and first responder personnel and outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

Give yourself and others the gift of quality and confidence with the Limited Edition BlizeTec Tactical Survival Pocket Rescue Knife!

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