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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers especially for those who support us regularly. We value and appreciate your shopping experience with us.

BlizeTecHQBlizeTec is a brand build with Quality, Integrity and Value! We pride ourselves in delivering wide variety of quality consumer products to the end users!

In order to better serve our customer, BlizeTec places heavy emphasis on superior customer service and introduced hassle free easy payment scheme, free delivery (T&C apply) and an extended warranty program by partnering with

At this stage, BlizeTec DO NOT offer any wholesale or retail opportunity either online or offline. Our products are sold online exclusively via Amazon platform.

** BlizeTec Not For Resale Policy **

To ensure every customer receive original products manufactured by our company, BlizeTec has a clear not for resale policy. To cope with pirated items and counterfeit products, we strongly suggest our customers to purchase directly from BlizeTec as a manufacturer. This is to ensure that:

  • A) Customers receive original products directly from BlizeTec with the best quality.
  • B) Customers are protected under our extended warranty programs.

White shopping on our partner Amazon website, please always check “SOLD BY” seller name, only products sold by “BlizeTec” are guaranteed genuine. Avoid ordering from different sellers who try to profit from our good name.

Once again, we would also like to make a disclaimer that we have never authorized any 3rd party reseller, manufacturer or distributor to represent our brand on Amazon. As a legal entity, the company will not tolerate any companies or 3rd parties that misrepresent our brand. So, make sure you purchase directly from BlizeTec on Amazon so that product quality and warranty can be guaranteed.

At BlizeTec, We believe in new way of living. Regardless you are looking for style, comfort or value, we have selective range of products that fulfill your shopping experience! We encourage you to come back or visit our Amazon storefront regularly for more product update.

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