BlizeTec 15-in-1 Multitool Pocket Knife Pliers

Carefully designed Multitool Pocket Knife Pliers

A company that tries to stuff a hundred functions into one multitool isn’t doing you any favors. Who needs five small, dull knife blades that are practically the same size? Sure, that screwdriver would be useful … if it weren’t attached to a monster multitool that weighs almost as much as the bookcase you’re assembling with it. Then there’s always at least one mystery tool, whose intended purpose escapes even the handiest of handy men. And don’t get us started on cost — it seems like some manufacturers load up on useless “functions” so they can justify a ridiculous price.

BlizeTec Multitool Pocket Knife

BlizeTec Multitool Pocket Knife Pliers

We designed the BlizeTec Multitool Pocket Knife Pliers to be in the “the Goldilocks zone” — you get all the most essential tools in a product that’s small enough to easily carry anywhere, but large enough so the tools included are actually comfortable to use. Put simply, it’s not too big and it’s not too small. It’s just right — 4.3” long when closed, to be exact. The included case even clips onto your belt, so you can easily carry it with you everywhere.

And as you’d expect from a quality company like BlizeTec, it’s backed by our lifetime warranty. Always make sure you see “BlizeTec” in the “Sold By” seller name to ensure you’re fully protected by our warranty.

A Sharp, Sturdy Pocket Knife

The knife is made of 420 stainless steel, which has a higher carbon content that gives the blade improved hardness, strength and resistance to corrosion. When the knife blade is extended, the tool’s overall length is 7.48” — long enough so you can get a good grip. It’s easy to carry with you anywhere, too, because it’s just 4.3” closed and it weighs just 8.39 ounces. You’ll want to keep a tool this handy all the time. Thankfully, we thought of everything and it includes a durable nylon carrying case that has a loop that attaches to your belt.

Comfortable Pliers that Work … and Double as Wire Cutters

No small, awkward pliers on this tool — the pliers are large enough so you can use them comfortably. They’re great crimping wire. Even better, the inside lower edges of the pliers are wire cutters that easily snip through thinner wires. This multitool will look good doing it, too —it’s coated in durable black aluminum for style and durability.

A Screwdriver, NINE Utility Bits in a Holder, PLUS Can & Bottle Openers

The good news just keeps coming. The BlizeTec Multitool Pocket Knife Pliers also includes a commonly-used Phillips head screwdriver. Of course, you expect more than that from BlizeTec and we’re happy to deliver, with a total of NINE unique utility bits in their own holder. The holder slips neatly into the Multitool carrying case with the knife, so you’ll have several bit options on hand at all times.

That’s a lot of great functionality and we haven’t even mentioned the can opener and the bottle opener yet — always some of the most used tools.

Homeowners, Electricians, Handymen, Campers & Hunters

This all-in-one tool is obviously great to have at home. You never know when you’re going to need a screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener or pliers. Electricians and handymen will want to keep this on their belt, too, thanks to the pliers and wire cutters. Campers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts … well, you already know how important it is to have a quality knife on hand. And the can opener and bottle opener always make things more fun.

Great Value with a Lifetime Warranty

BlizeTec fans often tell us how much they appreciate the value of our tools, and we’re happy to hear it. Don’t miss out — Order your Multitool Pocket Knife Pliers today. Better yet, order more than one and give one to a friend as a gift. Your purchase is 100% risk-free and backed by our uncompromising lifetime warranty.

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