BlizeTec Fillet Knife: Portable Boning, Scaling and Fishing Knives with Shealth (3 Pcs)


BlizeTec BT959FK Fillet boning knife is a durable and solidly built multipurpose fish knife made of 420 stainless steel PLUS titanium coating. This robust portable fish knife set was field-tested by our knife experts, ensuring that it can stand up to any rugged, harsh environment and offer high performance under a variety of outdoor circumstances. You may own a couple of fishing knives, but nothing is as good as this one.

Main Features & Advantages

BlizeTec Fillet Knives

BlizeTec Fillet Knives

* Sturdy titanium coated blade with slipless polypropylene and thermoplastic handle* Portable with 3 various blades to choose from according to your preference.
* Longest blade is for bone removal; Medium length blade is for fish slicing; Shorter serrated knife blade is for small bone and scale removal.
* Blade measurement and specification: Small: 6.18″x0.98″x0.06″ (Weight: 0.81oz); Middle: 7.38″x0.98″x0.06″ (Weight: 0.91oz); Large: 9.44″x0.98″x0.06″ (Weight: 1.12oz)
* Handle: 7.48″x1.77″x0.90″ (Weight: 4.05oz)
* Compact design and belt friendly pouch.

Invest in Quality with a Trusted Knife Set

Forget about acquiring another cheap fish knife yet can’t meet your expectation, BT959FK is compact, heavy duties yet easy to use. With a mouse of a click, you can confidently cut through any fish with this premium knife right at your fingertips. BlizeTec versatile fillet boning knife carries a lifetime warranty to be free from any defection in material or workmanship. You can confidently invest in a trusted BlizeTec knife that will last for a lifetime.

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